What We Do

The goal of NAMI Middlesex is to be available when families, care givers and persons with mental illness need help, guidance and support.

NAMI Middlesex discusses and advocates for:
  • Family roles in helping people who have mental illness
  • Legal assistance and humane police involvement
  • Treatment and recovery
  • Financial assistance (including SS, SSI, Federal, State and Local Programs) and insurance
  • Housing aid
  • Better hospital care
  • Respite care

NAMI Middlesex:
  • Shares experiences
  • Provides mutual support
  • Explores coping techniques
  • Shows compassion and understanding
  • Provides education including informative guest speakers
  • Offers a 12 week Family-to-Family education course
  • Promotes working with other mental health services
  • Serves on committees and boards of community organizations
  • Advocates for legislation to improve services
  • Advocates for increased funding for research on mental illnesses